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Coco Island National Park, Costa Rica

Mask Parade, Costa Rica

National Theater of Costa Rica

Nosara, Costa Rica

Aborigen Handcrafts of Costa Rica

Traditional Oxcart of Costa Rica

November 3rd – 6th

Auditorio Nacional del Museo de los Niños

San José, Costa Rica

What is P3?

P3 is the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism, a stage to share experiences and lessons learned between Costa Rica and other countries. Its name - Planet, People, Peace - represents the dimension that is used to focus the topics, giving evidence of our commitment to bring the Planet from the very heart of the People, sharing our experience as a nation of Peace.

Costa Rica, a pioneer and leader in sustainable tourism, is committed to an open and ongoing analysis on the subject, which obligates it not only to share it, but to learn to listen in order to excel. Hence COSTA RICA´s NATIONAL ECOTOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE CHAMBER –CANAECO– saw fit to create a space for reflection, consultation and exchange of key topics for the future of tourism and sustainable tourism in particular, in the light of the challenges of a new era in the development of this activity. Thus arises the idea of leading the International Conference: Planet, People, Peace (P3).

Transversal Theme: Motivation and Innovation



Green Economies

Each sector must increase investment in sustainability to produce higher returns to the economy, environment and society.


Sustainable Destinations

Destinations differentiated by their efforts in sustainability, which allows them not only to distinguish them in the market, but to add value to the overall experience of the visitor.


Country Brand

The country brand reinforces the need to stand before the world and to have a consistent image with what it offers and promotes as a tourist destination.


How To Market Sustainability?

Strategies and mechanisms to market and communicate about sustainability have also evolved.


Future Vision

Future prospects of sustainable tourism.


Elizabeth Becker, United States

Journalist, Author of Overbooked

Water Segment: Green Economies

Lakshmi -Tamara Budowski, Costa Rica

General Director of Operations, Sat Yoga Institute

Segment: Water

Lawrence Pratt, Costa Rica

Director of the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS), INCAE, Costa Rica

Water Segment: Green Economies

Julio Bin, Brazil

Sustainable Business Specialist

Water Segment: Green Economies

Gisella Sánchez, Costa Rica

Director of Corporate Affairs at Florida Ice & Farm Co.

Water Segment: Green Economies

Judy Kepher-Gona, Kenya

Kenya Land Conservation

Earth Segment: Sustainable Destinations

Damcho Rinzin, Buthan

Head of promotion, branding and communications of the Ministry of Tourism of Bhutan, Royal Government of Bhutan

Earth Segment: Sustainable Destinations

Amos Bien, Costa Rica

Senior consultant at UNEP-DTIE Sustainable Consumption and Production

Earth Segment: Sustainable Destinations

Sergio Moreno, Spain

Associated Director for the Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Earth Segment: Sustainable Destinations

Carlos Albán, Peru

Director of Tourism Product Development, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism - MINCETUR

Segment: Earth

Andrey Elizondo, Costa Rica

Research Associate for INCAE Business School

Air Segment: Country Brand

Mariella Soldi, Peru

Branding Expert, Peru

Bloque Aire: Marca País

Patricio Gaybor, Ecuador

Technical Manager for Quito Turístico

Segment: Earth

Rodolfo Lizano, Costa Rica

Director of Tourism Planning and Development, ICT

Segment: EARTH

Tony Charters, Australia

Principal at Tony Charters & Associates

Air Segment: Country Brand

Ingunn Sornes, Norway

Innovation Norway Special Consultant

Air Segment: Country Brand

Silvia Rodríguez, Costa Rica

Head of Promotion, ICT

Segment: Air

Francisco Villalta, Costa Rica

Partner Director of FV Coaching & Cultural Change Management

Fire Segment: ¿How to market sustainability?

Lance A. Barnett, USA

Global Director of Banana and Tropical Fruit Quality for Chiquita Brands’

Mei Zhang, China

Founder and CEO of WildChina Travel

Fire Segment: Sustainability Marketing

Luis Porras Mora, Costa Rica

Co-founder, Jirondai Project

Segment: Wind

Frans de Man, Holland

Director at RETOUR Foundation

Segment: Fire

César Meléndez, Costa Rica

Actor & Producer


Ana Báez, Costa Rica

President of Turismo & Conservación Consultores

Damiano Borgogno, Costa Rica

Official of Environment and Climate Change, PNUD, Costa Rica

Gustavo Segura, Costa Rica

CEO, Grupo Islita Costa Rica

Ronald Sanabria, Costa Rica

Vice President of Rainforest Alliance